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Samantha is publishing her first novel and is determined to avoid love at all costs - after all she's seen what it has done to her parents.

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Well, this is a little ironic – a major online hacking forum has itself been hacked, and tons of details on 470,000 hackers and thieves have leaked online.Police will almost certainly be interested in the emails, messages and purchase records leaked from Nulled – including Pay Pal accounts, IP addresses, and details of people buying and selling stolen info.

I created an example below, where I have an input box where an Order Name is entered, the command Link is pressed (labeled "Enter Order"), the order name from the input Text is added to an Array List named "orders", and the "orders" are displayed in a Data Table below the Command Link.Problem: The code works if I'm using a Session Scoped bean, but NOT if I use a View Scoped bean.I added println()'s to the code to see what was happening.IO are compromised and data is leaked, often it exposes members who prefer to remain anonymous and hide behind screen names.By simply searching by email or IP addresses, it can become evident who might be behind various malicious deeds.Allowing multiple nulls in an index and filtering nulls from an index are separate things. Oddly searching for nullbuster doesn't bring up too much stuff.