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There are several Hungarian authors who show that Dacia was "depleted of men" (later authors more accurately say "depleted of resources") but to believe the Romans could or even would exterminate everyone in such a vast area is ridiculous.Keep in mind that on Trajan's Column alone you have 7 scenes of Dacians submitting to Roman rule.the Mitoc-Valea Izvorului), or simply do not belong to the Early Upper Paleolithic chronological framework (e.g. The local origin, the wide dispersal, and the surprisingly young chronology of the Aurignacian technocomplex in Romania are equally challenged.With the exception of the yet undated occurrences in Banat (Southwestern Romania), all the convincingly documented Aurignacian contexts belong to the generally accepted European chronological framework and show no particular connection to the local Mousterian.The conquest of Dacia by the Romans and its turning into an imperial province (A. 106-271) brought about major changes in the native population's economic, social and political life.The Geto-Dacians continued to remain the main ethnic community both in the free and in the occupied territories.Cassius Dio himself shows that at the start of the 106 war many Dacians willingly placed themselves under Rome's rule.Furthermore there are lots of Roman legions composed of Dacians, like Ala I Ulpia Dacorum, Cohors II Augusta Dacorum pia fidelis veterana milliaria equitata, Cohors III Dacorum equitata, Vexillatio Dacorum Parthica, and other units in Britain under the names Decibalus and Dida.

Quickly, first, the school, then, the authorities and finally the National Museum of Antiquities (founded 1834 !This ritual does not prove the imitation of o funeral trend from West, but it rather marks the settlement of some groups of colonists coming from the German world, thus the Starting from these discoveries and colligating them with others in which such anthropomorphic graves are not to be found, one may propose an earlier dating (the first phase of the Evangelic Church in Mediaş), as well as another assignment, related to the Saxons, not to the Szekler to some monuments (the hall-church from Drăuşeni, the first phase of the Church from Viscri) from this geographical area.To conclude with, it is considered that the settlement of the colonists that we generally call Saxons occured in the second half of the 12th century, being very well organized and controlled by the Hungarian Royalty.fosse anthropomorphe discovered in Europe are a variety of types and they are dated as follows: the stone and wooden sarcophagus in the 6th – 15th centuries; the graves built of stone slabs or bricks, with or without mortar, in the 10th – 14th centuries; the ones digged in rocks or in stony soil in the 10th – 12th centuries and the ones digged in earth 10th – 13th centuries.Most of the discoveries, of any type, are dated beetwen the 10th and the 12th centuries, for which reason they have been generally called „romanesque”.Mormintele săpate după conturul corpului uman cu spaţiul destinat capului bine individualizat sunt desemnate în literatura de specialitate sub denumiri diverse.