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As a serial start-up CFO, I find that each new company has unique challenges, but it's uncanny how familiar patterns start to emerge. And, as my husband will tell you (while rolling his eyes) my most favorite refrain is: "efficiency in all things." What have the highlights and challenges been during your tenure at Skout?Patter recognition is key to bringing my best game to Skout. I don't - getting it all done may seem like magic, but it's really about placing one foot in front of the other. Easily the greatest highlight is the smart and talented staff of Skout.Based on the age entered at registration, teens and adults are assigned to different groups, but ages aren't verified.Once teens turn 18, they're automatically moved into the adult group, but it's easy to enter a false birthday at registration and pose as either an adult or a teen.Skout is a mobile-social network designed to allow its users to meet new people, make friends and exchange pictures.Users may sign up either using Facebook or their email address, and must then populate their profile with basic information including whether they are interested in men or women — this helps customize the experience by only displaying other people the user might be interested in.Launched in the beginning of 2009, the San Francisco, Calif.-based company was one of the first dating apps to emphasize location.

As a result, a teen's exact location isn't revealed, only a general region, and posts are now more closely monitored.In addition, the huge privilege of work with Andreessen Horowitz.Skout is an i OS app from the company of the same name. Skout, the location-based dating app, now boasts one million registered users in its service.“There is no downside to anything that makes meeting women easier during the summer when so many people are leaving the city every single weekend,” Gerber said.For more than a decade, she has worked with early stage and high growth companies in a range of industries to raise capital, maximize growth potential, operationalize for scale and achieve successful exists. How has your life experience made you the leader you are today?